Congregational Meeting April 30, 2017

The First Church of Billings is heading into some exciting and revitalizing times.  As such, we are preparing the best manner in which to meet the demands and opportunities ahead.

Currently, members and guests work together in small committees that focus on a particular need, all under the cooperative umbrella of the church council.  Moving forward, we are proposing a restructuring where the individual groups will work much more closely and create a more dynamic effect.  Exciting times!

Below is an outline of the proposed restructuring.  Members are invited and encourage to give thought to it’s effectiveness and, PLEASE consider joining us in these exciting times.


These are the values Church Council wants shared by every committee:

That they are intentional both inside and outside the walls of our church building.

These are the practices, patterns, and rhythms Church Council wants shared by every committee:

o Same diversity in programs and practices as the people in our congregation.

o Committees circle back to do an internal review and ask if they are being effective.

o Different levels of commitment are offered to the congregation.

o An overt effort is made in the campaign for the Crossroads Visioning to contact people we have not seen.

o There are communication processes in place to share the work of Church Council.

o Use of intentional, targeted calling.

o Open to change

o We’re aware we are a part of this Body and act and pray every day out of that knowledge

o Listening to people seeking, searching, rejecting and we keep on listening

o There is a regularity and consistency in the ways committees work.

o Regularly draw new people into our work

o Bulletin listing of what’s available in committee work with the contact info.

Every committee shall have at least four members with assigned roles:

Chair: Church Council representative, sets and runs meetings.

Vice Chair: Handling new ideas from outside the committee/evangelist

Treasurer/Fundraiser: keeps track of committee line item


Task Force Chairs/Members as appropriate

Here are other identifying characteristics:

While non-members may serve on committees, Chairs and Vice-Chairs must be members.

Staggered terms to retain experience and bring in new people

Provided with appropriate materials and keeping records to pass on appropriate materials.

Central location at the church shall be established for records.

Minutes are posted on the web.

Quarterly meetings with Dollars and Sense from the Treasurer/Fundraiser of each committee

Mission statement



Ongoing task forces provide written report and attend as needed.

Extravagant Welcome

o Caring for people

o Newcomers

o Called to Care

o Elicits food

o Ushers

o Coffee/food on Sunday morning

o Welcome the stranger/different/differences

o Extends beyond our doors

o Partnership with the Native American community

o Caring for people and facilitate that caring

o Invite new people not based on their monetary contributions but welcome their gifts.

o In walking through the door, people are led to us and we are led to them


o Building and Grounds

o Sound System

o Technology

o Open and Affirming

o Respect to our world/climate change

Dollars and Sense

o Memorial

o Endowment

o Personnel

o Stewardship

Worship & Music

o Communion

o Sanctuary

o Things needed to lead out

o Creative aspect

o Any view of God can change as we grow.

o Give up rigidity for worship – what God leads us to be.


o Family Promise

o Prairie Towers

o Habitat for Humanity

o Welcome the stranger/different/differences

o Open and Affirming

o Social justice commitment (e.g., NDO)

o Extends beyond our doors

o Respect to our world/climate change

o By what we do

o Partnership with the Native American community


o Downtown Billings Alliance

o Art Walk

o Connections to Conference

o Camp Mimanagish

o Extends beyond our doors

Education of All Ages/Deep Sharing of Faith

  • Sunday School
  • Forum

o Spiritual direction and education

o Our Whole Lives/Sexuality

o Respect to our world/climate change

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